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LZ Chamber presentation on Using Incentives
Dan Sherry made this presentation to the Lake Zurich Chamber on March 26th along with Sue Shimkus of Lake Zurich Travel & Cruise.

TITLE: Using Incentives To Motivate Employees and Customers. Why You REALLY Need To Do This!

Do you need to light a fire under someone that works for you or better yet - your customers?!

Download this presentation for the WHY you need to do this - then call Dan or Sue to learn more about the HOW to do this from the experts.

We have used a free Internet File Saving Service so please forgive and ignore the ads while downloading!

Have a great day!
Copy of Presentation
RE/MAX  joins major client list!
The ID Store/Kennedy's Creative Awards is pleased to announce RE/MAX Northern Illinois has engaged the firm to produce their annual awards.

There are very few elite companies in this industry capable of handling the large volume of awards RE/MAX Northern Illiois requires on an annual basis.

Thousands of awards are given out annually to RE/MAX's top performers across the State. RE/MAX enjoys an astonishing 50% share of the residential real estate market from Route 80 north across Illinois with over 30,000 residential closings per year!

It's an honor to serve such a successful company and we appreciate their trust.


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